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I am writing this letter of commendation for Liyuan. My whole family wants to express our appreciation for Liyuan’s professional assistance and sincere care in my son’s intervention program. Our 2-year-old would not have make his big step forward in his development without Liyuan’s skillful one-to-one intervention and program planning. My husband and I highly recommend Liyuan in autism intervention should any family need special education assistance.

We first met Liyuan as our Programme Manager at our home to assess my son, who was 2 years old and had developed some autism symptoms. He came across as young, enthusiastic and passionate about what he was doing. However, we were not sure whether he had what it took to improve my son’s situation mainly due to his youthful appearance.

What impressed us was that my son, who never grew affectionate towards people, liked him in the first few sessions and looked forward to his every session. Not long after the program began, the “reinforcer” was changed from food to his praises, his games or even his smile. Although his rate was expensive to pay for, we insisted on weekly visits instead of the regular monthly one. It was a team of 3 teachers, with Liyuan as the Programme Manager. As every autistic kid is different, Liyuan was able to incorporate psychology theories into the ABA intervention method to plan and execute effectively, according to my son’s ability and weak links, which was rarely seen in therapists that I had encountered. The independent thinking and timely guidance made him even more special. He became the treasure that god sent.

He was always professional in manner. Importantly, he patiently listened to our concerns, answered any questions we had and spent extra time coaching us on how to control and correct behavioral problems outside the paid hours. His program update reports were thorough and provided specific feedback to us, and more significantly, invaluable teaching guidance to the other two teachers, which I also learnt a lot from.

The program ended in its 7th month due to family migration out of Singapore. therapy sessions were the only thing I missed. Under this program, my son grew from an uncooperative, unloving and irresponsive child to one that was attentive, compliant and much more interactive. Even the special education teachers in my settled place all asked me whether my son had been diagnosed at first few encounters and believed he would grow out of the spectrum if given continuous intervention and a normal social environment. All that happened were things I couldn’t even dream of achieving within such a short span of time. Yet, it did happen.

At the moment, my son is now 3.5 years old and is attending morning kindergarten and afternoon intervention sessions. Through phone calls and messages, I still bother him from time to time to seek guidance. Being a mother of an ASD kid, I am now armed with knowledge I learnt from Liyuan’s sessions and him personally, and have regained control of my life and my son’s. I hope that, by sharing my experience in having Liyuan as our Programme Manager, more families can benefit from his professional intervention assistance. And I truly believe that more kids can improve a great deal under his care, just like my son did.


With Appreciation,

Carol Luo


Age of child when intervention started is 2 years 4 months

Length of Intervention is 7 months


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