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Taken from Parents’ Feedback Form


Child’s Name: Simar

Have you been happy with the improvement in your child?: Yes. There is no reason why I wont. We have seen progress in our child, with STEP’s team we got our confidence back that all will ok, it’s just matter of time.

Would you recommend our service to someone else?: Yes

Testimonial: All teachers were very professional, they really get involved with the child, specially the Case Manager who was amazing with Simar. He was very patient with him, he went extra mile to help us know how to train and do things so Simar can be comfortable in school. He has been amazing throughout.

We were very depressed, sad when we heard from KK that our child is having development delays. We were looking for all sort of things on internet and we found AutismSTEP. We contacted them and the Director visited us, met with our child explained and helped us to design a program for him. From there we could see how our child transformed, it gave us the confidence that he is just normal and will achieve everything in due course of time. The team is so amazing, they get emotionally attached to your kid, the way they play, teach and observe your child is amazing. For us, AutismSTEP went extra mile, they took his sessions in his play school which also help us knowing what all we can do to train him better to be able to communicate and get along with other kids at school. The case manager and other teachers are very well coordinated, they are very punctual, very professional and have great experience. We really had very good time with AutismSTEP we are happy and confident parents. Thank you so much!



Age of child when intervention started is 2 years 5 months

Length of Intervention is 16 months


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