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I am Doctor Kaisar from Bangladesh.My only son Shehan is 4 years old. He has some Autism spectrum Disorder (ASD) related problems. We noticed it when he was at 2 years old. So we are very worried about it and we treated him in various institutions in our country for at least 2 year but day by day all his activity become regress, he can’t speak at all. One day we find AutismSTEP adress on the internet then we discussed with them, especially Mr Liyuan (A very wonderful guy i have ever seen) and he advised us to come in Singapore and start the therapy, then we come in and therapy start. At the beginning, Shehan cried a lot and can’t noticed any kind of work, but within a few days, he become participate in all work and begin to response. Its a dream to us because he can’t imitate before. Nowadays he can imitate, become responsive,and make some sound and it is done within 2 month. We want to continue their therapy at least 6 more month but we can’t manage our visa extension. I hope if i continue their therapy, Shehan will be totally cured. We are trying to settle in Singapore as early as possible for my son. I also give a special thanks to our Case Manager who did a big job for Shehan.

I suggest every parent in Singapore and abroad if you have same problem like me please contact with Mr Liyuan or AutismSTEP as early as possible and they help to fulfill your dream.




Age of child when intervention started is 2

Length of Intervention is 2 months



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