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Taken from Parents’ Feedback Form


Child’s Name: Saakshar

Have you been happy with the improvement in your child?: Yes

Would you recommend our service to someone else?: Yes

Testimonial: There is no reason you should not be happy with them.. Our case manager Vinod is very dedicated and gave us a very good improvement . Our child is verbal now and has improved tremendously. Our therapist serene and yi hui are very very hardworking and punctual and shares a great bond with our son. Initially, we were not sure how the things will work but I have seen improvement in eye contact congnition speech attention focus and compliance as well. I am 100% satisfied with there service and will definitely be in touch with AutismSTEP in future if I need them. I am shocked that they can actually cure my child and bring the best of him.



Age of child when intervention started is 2 years 2 months

Length of Intervention is 12 months


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