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My 8 year old ASD Son’s behaviour has improved a lot with the therapy sessions done by AutismSTEP’s Case Manager and Therapist. Both are dedicated therapist. They are very patient and caring towards my son. My son always looks forward to have the sessions with the them.
The report written after each session is also very useful. I will be able to read what was done during each session and try to reinforce the skills taught on my own.  I will also be able to write down my own observations of any behaviour I’m concerned about and the therapist will try and deal with it during the next session.
The improvement in my son’s behaviour is also observed by the Teachers in school. They were actually very pleased that my Son can achieve all the IEP goals set for him in a short time of about 3 school Terms. And now all his Teachers are confident that my Son will be able to do more academically.




Age of child when intervention started is 8

Length of Intervention is 9 months


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