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Very happy to write this testimonial for AustismSTEP!

When we first suspect that our child may require early intervention, Liyuan was very reassuring and responsive. A session was promptly arranged and Liyuan was professional in his dealings and provided insights into our situation then.

When we were assigned to our therapist, Manpreet, we could see that she is full of love and care for our child. Always encouraging. Always punctual. Always ready to share feedback and videos taken during the session. We can see that our child has blossomed under the guidance and unwavering dedication of Teacher Manpreet!

Today we are happy to share that our child has graduated from AutismSTEP Program and the KKH CDU Doctor has deemed our child to be age appropriate in all manners!

And we believe that AutismSTEP and Teacher Manpreet has a HUGE role to play in this happy conclusion! Heartfelt Thanks to Liyuan and Manpreet for always being there for us and our child during this period! And we truly believe that AutismSTEP would be able to help many more children seek early intervention and develop their fullest potential!


Mr Qek

Age of child when intervention started is 20 months

Length of Intervention is 2 years


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