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Taken from Parents’ Feedback Form


Child’s Name: Mira

Have you been happy with the improvement in your child?: Yes. 

Would you recommend our service to someone else?: Yes

Testimonial: The therapists were professional and patient when teaching, and their techniques were effective in bringing observable progress. The training lasted 2.5 months and it was able to bring about significant improvements in behaviour and progress in learning ability in my child.

We looked around at several programs and found AutismSTEP to be quite convenient for us with its home based sessions. And it was also competitively priced compared with most other programs. The case manager and the team of therapists were very professional and structured in their teachings and we always had a briefing by the therapist after each session. We saw progress in behaviour after one week, our kid learnt to make eye contact, demand with intent, point and follow directions.



Age of child when intervention started is 2 years 0 months

Length of Intervention is 3 months


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