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My 5 year old boy was diagnosed as GDD as the age of 3. His fine motor skills has improved tremendously within 6 months after we started the therapy with the Centre.Throughout the one year of therapy, Joash was able to write alphabets, colour small pictures and even use a scissors to cut. Joash is also less fidgeting and was able to focus more. The therapist also successfully worked on a toilet regime which worked so well with Joash. Prior to that, bringing Joash to go to the toilet on his own always failed.

We would like to give special thanks to our Case Manager who has been so patient and loving to Joash. Her written reports and explanation after each session is always clear and parents will know how to follow up and revise with him at home.

Many thanks to AutismSTEP for Joash’s amazing improvement!



Age of child when intervention started is 4

Length of Intervention is 10 months



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