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Liyuan was Jenson’s, my three-year-old son’s, Case Manager/therapist from May 2013 to January 2014. Although Jenson had gone through more than a year of speech and occupational therapy, as well as early intervention programmes then, he had serious compliance issues and he could only verbalize no more than five words. Jenson was unable to sit down for more than five minutes, threw frequent tantrums, was very rigid and had no eye contact with other people.

When Liyuan first came to assess Jenson, I was impressed with his knowledge and application of the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) approach. The two-hour assessment session took three-hours as I had endless questions to ask and he patiently answered all my questions. Liyuan also came across as very approachable, which I think is an important criterion for a Case Manager, as both the child and parents need to feel comfortable working with the Case Manager.

Liyuan was always cheerful yet firm with Jenson. He was focused in helping and stretching Jenson’s ability appropriately. I was amazed that after the first session with Liyuan, Jenson could say “help me” and used it appropriately subsequently.  Liyuan would always stay behind after his session to share with me what he had done during the session and Jenson’s progress. When he learnt that Jenson would be performing in his school year-end concert, he requested to attend the concert with us to show support for Jenson. The smile on Jenson’s face was priceless when he saw Liyuan at the concert.

Liyuan has always displayed a high level of professionalism in whatever he does, while at the same time not lacking the personal touch. He would reply to my messages promptly, regardless of the time the message was sent. His advice was very useful as it taught me how to manage Jenson’s behaviors and I successfully overcame Jenson’s obsession of playing with the sliding door and escalator! Whenever I was depressed and worried about Jenson’s future, he would give me words of encouragement and I really appreciate his support. When Liyuan knew that I had problems getting my family members to be consistent and firm with Jenson, Liyuan took time off on Saturday to speak to my family members on what autism was and the traits. He also emphasised the importance of being consistent, asked them for their concerns and proposed strategies that they could apply when dealing with Jenson. After that session, my family members’ awareness on autism definitely increased and they were much more receptive towards what I said and what should be done.

From observing and identifying the areas of concern, to tailoring the programme to suit Jenson, Liyuan followed through diligently. Due to his commitment, belief in the potential of Jenson and his close working partnership with my family, Liyuan was able to bring about significant positive changes in Jenson within a short period of time. Jenson can now sit through a two-hour therapy session, eye contact has been established and his vocabulary has definitely increased. I am very grateful to have Liyuan as Jenson’s therapist. Though Liyuan is no longer Jenson’s Case Manager/therapist, I still keep in contact with him as he is now a friend and I never hesitate to seek his advice and support.

I would highly recommend Liyuan as he has the heart, passion, knowledge, skills and experience as a competent therapist.

I trust that the information provided will be of assistance and would be happy to provide further information, if required.


Yours sincerely,

Tina Tan
Age of child when intervention started is 3

Length of Intervention is 1 years


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