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At 18 months, Janice was not having consistent eye contacts with people around her.

My wife and i got very worried. Luckily, I found Li Yuan and his team; AutismSTEP.

I have to say Li Yuan is very passionate about his line of work, he explained to me about ABA and how it help to correct children behaviours. Li Yuan is very confident and experienced in this line.

In only 2 weeks, i have seen very good results, Janice started to have more eye contact with more people and myself.

Janice has went through the programme for 2 months now, i am very satisified with the result. She has developed so much in social skills in these 2 months.

AustimSTEP provides progressive tracking of behaviour improvements and also tackling all fundamental development areas for children.

Thank you so much to Li Yuan and his team. I highly recommend AustimSTEP.


Mr Heng

Age of child when intervention started is 18 months

Length of Intervention is 2 months and going


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