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Hi LiYuan,

I am writing to give our commendation to the two Therapists, who have been working with my boy Edison.

Ms Rachel Lay Choo has shown good patience at all times, she always tries her best while teaching, and demonstrates professionalism. Edison has improved a lot with her sessions.

Ms Serene joined a bit later than Ms Rachel. But very soon she has built good rapport with Edison. She always thinks of different strategies while teaching. She has put lots of efforts to adjust the program and make sure Edison can develop his potential abilities. She also keeps good communication with us at all times.

In general, we are glad that we chose the company, and we made a right choice. We appreciate the Therapists for all their good efforts, care to my boy.

Best regards,



Age of child when intervention started is 5 years old

Length of Intervention is 1.5 years


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