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Divyanka is my oldest daughter, aged 8. When she first started ABA therapy under the guidance of Liyuan and his team, she was completely non-verbal. I was a stay-home mom at that time and attempted to toilet train her on my own but failed. The team effectively worked on a toilet regime, which worked out so well with Divyanka. In 6 months she was not only able to independently go to the toilet but was also able to verbalise her need to go to the toilet. Her constant frustrations with not being able to communicate also reduced greatly as she started to speak at age 5 for the first time, thanks to Liyuan and his team of magicians.

The compliance, which she obtained from her ABA therapy, has served as a good foundation for Divyanka to learn better and follow instructions well. We were lucky to have Liyuan as our Programme Manager as there were many circumstances that he extended a helping hand or tried his level best to make things work for us. We live in Malaysia and he even made time to make a home visit to another country, which was wonderful as his suggestions helped Divyanka greatly.

Thank you for making a difference in our lives.

“Every child can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way” – George Evans


Teacher in Special Needs School

Age of child when intervention started is 5

Length of Intervention is 2 years


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