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Our son Darius started seeing Liyuan in 2011 when we concerned about his development.  His speech had reached a plateau (even regressing to some extent) and his social behavior did not seem to match that of his peers. Darius’s teachers had also mirrored our concerns.

We embarked on an intensive program to help Darius improve and modify his behavior. Throughout the one and a half years of therapy our son received, we were empowered with specific skills and techniques that helped us to manage and positively modify his behavior.  We were also trained to use alternative and complementary methods to help our son communicate better.

Our son was later diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss, and after surgery to restore his hearing, we continue to use these methods today.

Darius is now 6 years old and thriving in a mainstream preschool.

The flexible and individualized plan created for our son was successful in addressing his challenges. AutismSTEP commitment and presence in the therapeutic process are greatly appreciated! =)


Psychology Lecturer

Age of child when intervention started is 3

Length of Intervention is 2year


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