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When we were first seeking professional for our son, we were naturally anxious and very lost. We are very thankful however to have found Liyuan who’d became more than our Programme Manager, our therapist but also a friend to our family. Liyuan was able to build rapport with our son Chris from the very first session. Through the course of Chris’s therapy, he would constantly devise new ideas to engage Chris in a fun and loving way. Though he was assertive and firm, every therapy session that Chris had with him was always filled with laughter.  To Liyuan, each child is more than a client but a tiny human whom he sincerely cared for. He was a very perceptive therapist who took time to understand our son’s personality and interests and incorporated them carefully into his therapy programme. He took initiative to be kept updated with Chris’s speech and occupational therapies’ development just to have a holistic understanding of his progress. For that, we are grateful. Liyuan often went an extra mile to lend a listening ear and offered practical advice to allay our concerns. Though candid with us with Chris’s progress, he was also reassuring at the same time. His constant encouragement was invaluable to our family through the journey of therapy. Under Liyuan’s patient guidance, our son improved by leaps and bounds and was discharged from home therapy just after 7 months.  Even then, Liyuan took time to plan Chris’s next phase of therapy with us and provided Chris with the necessary support in school. We will always be thankful to have Liyuan as our case manager.


Esther Choong (Mrs)

Age of child when intervention started is 3 years 2 months

Length of Intervention is 1 year


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