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Even without formal diagnosis, we had started to suspect that our son was on the Autistic spectrum when  we received feedback from his kindergarten teachers that he had a very short attention span, was slow in following instructions and rarely played with other kids. With a friend’s reference, we called up AutismSTEP and worked out a shadowing plan where he led a team of therapists who attended my son’s school sessions to observe and provide intervention so as to improve his class compliance, participation and peer interaction.

My son was immediately engaged with Liyuan during the first home observation session and quickly built rapport with him within the first week of shadowing service. In a short span of 3 months after engaging AutismSTEP’s service, we saw huge improvements in my son’s school behavior and participation.  We received very positive feedback from the kindergarten teachers about my son’s progress, which we attributed to AutismSTEP skillful interventions and professionalism. Liyuan, Programme Manager of AutismSTEP, spared no effort in giving us advice and troubleshooting any behavioral issues we faced, even out of the session hours. The teaching techniques he shared with us were very practical and useful for home implementation. We are very pleased with the attention and understanding shown to my son by Liyuan and his team, and look forward to seeing my son make further improvement.



Age of child when intervention started is 3

Length of Intervention is 1 year


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