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I would like to express my appreciation of AutismSTEP for their work tenure with my daughter.

The therapist i had, seemingly “soft” which was deemed contrasting to the ability to handle the hyper activity and non compliant nature of my daughter, she has surprised us otherwise by her perseverance that has enabled her bonding with my daughter to strengthen from lesson to lesson. This, we feel as parents is one of the important attributes required in this role. This also has enabled the follow on engagement. Apart from this, the therapist has also been accommodating to changes which has given us the added flexibility in managing our daughter’s schedule.

On this note, we would like to reiteriate our endorsement for the therapist of AutismSTEP. She indeed is a good therapist and we, with Audrey enjoyed working with her.

Thank you.



Age of child when intervention started is 4

Length of Intervention is 12 months


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