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Taken from Parents’ Feedback Form

Child’s Name: Asher

Have you been happy with the improvement in your child?: Yes.

Would you recommend our service to someone else?: Yes

Testimonial: I was desperately looking for help online one particular night when I realised my son started to show all the red flags of Autism symtoms. I called the hotline the next morning and spoke to Liyuan. I was grateful that he picked up my call and answer all my queries and i can still rmb his calming voice as i was very upset and crying inconsolably. Im relieve that i manage to seek help from Autismstep and hearing my 3 years old son’s beautiful voice was something that i had been looking foward to. He was a non verbal kid before he started ABA with Autism step. And im grateful then he show tremendous improvement after 1 year of therapy with Hilwa and Edmund. Now he can enagage a short conversation with us, play with his little sister, answering phone call, enjoy going to chilcare, and even help out with house chores.

I will definitely reccomend Autismstep to ppl who might need help.



Age of child when intervention started is 3 years 3 months

Length of Intervention is 15 months


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