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Taken from Parents’ Feedback Form


Child’s Name: Amanada

Have you been happy with the improvement in your child?: Yes.

Would you recommend our service to someone else?: Yes

Testimonial: Professional service rendered was good and our child has greatly improved in the last year. The diagnosis of our child by Liyuan was accurate as he helped us identify the issue and alleviate our worries with his well guided program carried out by patient and caring Therapist/CM. She carried out each therapy session with TLC and our child was able to cooperate and be guided back on the right path to positivity. This helped our child to be in better control of her emotions and thoughts process and is much happier! Thank you AustismSTEP and team for the great efforts!



Age of child when intervention started is 6 years 4 months

Length of Intervention is 12 months


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