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Thank you for being the transformation teacher for Aarav.

When we came in here – we were bit lost and also were trying hard to get accustomed to Singapore, Child Education and raising a child itself.

So after a tough phase in Aarav’s school, when Liyuan Offered help – we lapped it up. The suggested process looked like it could work but only if you can experience it.

Thank you for being who you are. You have been able to help Aarav in recognising who he is and has pushed the envelope. With your help, Aarav has gained a foothold in his own personal space and you also had a calming impact on him. I especially would like to appreciate your understanding, approach and composure. The empathy and human side of yours make you a better teacher than the rest. I would value you as a friend and a teacher who also taught me a few things.

I would like to thank you for all your hard work and the different ways to make Aarav learn things. Again, we are truly thankful to have you as his teacher.

Stay blessed.


Mrs.Dharni Gupta

Age of child when intervention started is 3 years 3 months

Length of Intervention is 6 months


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