Success Stories

Liyuan has been working with my son, Kabir, for six years. My son Kabir is now 17 years old and is autistic. Kabir is on the mild to moderate spectrum and has limited verbal ability.

When Liyuan started working with my son, Kabir was 11 years old and the main challenges were that Kabir was not an independent worker and was totally prompt bound.  Kabir was a very good sight-reader but comprehension was very poor. And we were also noticing signs of pre-adolescence behavior such as crying, flapping hands, making loud sounds when he was unhappy and occasional zoning out.

Liyuan’s approach to Kabir’s challenges was to craft the sessions where he was firm without being intimidating, disciplined without being martial, pushing Kabir to achieve without putting undue pressure and most importantly, sensitive without being indulgent. This approach was very appropriate in handling emerging behavioral issues. And today I can say that Kabir has very few (mostly manageable) issues.

Liyuan sets goals for Kabir that are always micro with the big picture in the background and this helped him in reading comprehension. Simply tasks helped Kabir concentrate better and gave him a sense of achievement at completing tasks. Liyuan has been working hard with Kabir to move him towards being an independent worker. He has designed, and is implementing, programs to teach Kabir to cross a busy road, travel by public transport, work in an office environment, develop task-oriented time management and locational awareness. All these programs are small projects in themselves, as they require management of multiple processes.

Liyuan puts together his programs with a lot of thought and understanding. I am really appreciative of the commitment, which he has worked with, to help Kabir achieve his goals.


Committee Member of Autism Support Group

Age of child when intervention started is 10

Length of Intervention is 7 years

Liyuan was Jenson’s, my three-year-old son’s, Case Manager/therapist from May 2013 to January 2014. Although Jenson had gone through more than a year of speech and occupational therapy, as well as early intervention programmes then, he had serious compliance issues and he could only verbalize no more than five words. Jenson was unable to sit down for more than five minutes, threw frequent tantrums, was very rigid and had no eye contact with other people.

When Liyuan first came to assess Jenson, I was impressed with his knowledge and application of the Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) approach. The two-hour assessment session took three-hours as I had endless questions to ask and he patiently answered all my questions. Liyuan also came across as very approachable, which I think is an important criterion for a Case Manager, as both the child and parents need to feel comfortable working with the Case Manager.

Liyuan was always cheerful yet firm with Jenson. He was focused in helping and stretching Jenson’s ability appropriately. I was amazed that after the first session with Liyuan, Jenson could say “help me” and used it appropriately subsequently.  Liyuan would always stay behind after his session to share with me what he had done during the session and Jenson’s progress. When he learnt that Jenson would be performing in his school year-end concert, he requested to attend the concert with us to show support for Jenson. The smile on Jenson’s face was priceless when he saw Liyuan at the concert.

Liyuan has always displayed a high level of professionalism in whatever he does, while at the same time not lacking the personal touch. He would reply to my messages promptly, regardless of the time the message was sent. His advice was very useful as it taught me how to manage Jenson’s behaviors and I successfully overcame Jenson’s obsession of playing with the sliding door and escalator! Whenever I was depressed and worried about Jenson’s future, he would give me words of encouragement and I really appreciate his support. When Liyuan knew that I had problems getting my family members to be consistent and firm with Jenson, Liyuan took time off on Saturday to speak to my family members on what autism was and the traits. He also emphasised the importance of being consistent, asked them for their concerns and proposed strategies that they could apply when dealing with Jenson. After that session, my family members’ awareness on autism definitely increased and they were much more receptive towards what I said and what should be done.

From observing and identifying the areas of concern, to tailoring the programme to suit Jenson, Liyuan followed through diligently. Due to his commitment, belief in the potential of Jenson and his close working partnership with my family, Liyuan was able to bring about significant positive changes in Jenson within a short period of time. Jenson can now site through a two-hour therapy session, eye contact has been established and his vocabulary has definitely increased. I am very grateful to have Liyuan as Jenson’s therapist. Though Liyuan is no longer Jenson’s Case Manager/therapist, I still keep in contact with him as he is now a friend and I never hesitate to seek his advice and support.

I would highly recommend Liyuan as he has the heart, passion, knowledge, skills and experience as a competent Case Manger/ therapist.

I trust that the information provided will be of assistance and would be happy to provide further information, if required.

Yours sincerely,

Tina Tan

Age of child when intervention started is 3

Length of Intervention is 1 years

Divyanka is my oldest daughter, aged 8. When she first started ABA therapy under the guidance of Liyuan, she was completely non-verbal. I was a stay-home mom at that time and attempted to toilet train her on my own but failed. The team effectively worked on a toilet regime, which worked out so well with Divyanka. In 6 months she was not only able to independently go to the toilet but was also able to verbalise her need to go to the toilet. Her constant frustrations with not being able to communicate also reduced greatly as she started to speak at age 5 for the first time, thanks to Liyuan and his team of magicians.

The compliance, which she obtained from her ABA therapy, has served as a good foundation for Divyanka to learn better and follow instructions well. We were lucky to have Liyuan as our case manager as there were many circumstances that he extended a helping hand or tried his level best to make things work for us. We live in Malaysia and he even made time to make a home visit to another country, which was wonderful as his suggestions helped Divyanka greatly.

Thank you for making a difference in our lives.

“Every child can learn, just not on the same day or in the same way” – George Evans


Teacher in Special Needs School

Age of child when intervention started is 5

Length of Intervention is 2 years

I am writing this letter of commendation for Liyuan. My whole family wants to express our appreciation for Liyuan’s professional assistance and sincere care in my son’s intervention program. Our 2-year-old would not have make his big step forward in his development without Liyuan’s skillful one-to-one intervention and program planning. My husband and I highly recommend Liyuan in autism intervention should any family need special education assistance.

We first met Liyuan as our program manager at our home to assess my son, who was 2 years old and had developed some autism symptoms. He came across as young, enthusiastic and passionate about what he was doing. However, we were not sure whether he had what it took to improve my son’s situation mainly due to his youthful appearance.

What impressed us was that my son, who never grew affectionate towards people, liked him in the first few sessions and looked forward to his every session. Not long after the program began, the “reinforcer” was changed from food to his praises, his games or even his smile. Although his rate was expensive to pay for, we insisted on weekly visits instead of the regular monthly one. It was a team of 3 teachers, with Liyuan as the program manager. As every autistic kid is different, Liyuan was able to incorporate psychology theories into the ABA intervention method to plan and execute effectively, according to my son’s ability and weak links, which was rarely seen in therapists that I had encountered. The independent thinking and timely guidance made him even more special. He became the treasure that god sent.

He was always professional in manner. Importantly, he patiently listened to our concerns, answered any questions we had and spent extra time coaching us on how to control and correct behavioral problems outside the paid hours. His program update reports were thorough and provided specific feedback to us, and more significantly, invaluable teaching guidance to the other two teachers, which I also learnt a lot from.

The program ended in its 7th month due to family migration out of Singapore. Liyuan’s sessions were the only thing I missed. Under this program, my son grew from an uncooperative, unloving and irresponsive child to one that was attentive, compliant and much more interactive. Even the special education teachers in my settled place all asked me whether my son had been diagnosed at first few encounters and believed he would grow out of the spectrum if given continuous intervention and a normal social environment. All that happened were things I couldn’t even dream of achieving within such a short span of time. Yet, it did happen.

At the moment, my son is now 3.5 years old and is attending morning kindergarten and afternoon intervention sessions. Through phone calls and messages, I still bother him from time to time to seek guidance. Being a mother of an ASD kid, I am now armed with knowledge I learnt from Liyuan’s sessions and him personally, and have regained control of my life and my son’s. I hope that, by sharing my experience in having Liyuan as our program manager, more families can benefit from his professional intervention assistance. And I truly believe that more kids can improve a great deal under his care, just like my son did.


With Appreciation,

Carol Luo


Age of child when intervention started is 2

Length of Intervention is 7 months

Our son Darius started seeing Liyuan in 2011 when we concerned about his development.  His speech had reached a plateau (even regressing to some extent) and his social behavior did not seem to match that of his peers. Darius’s teachers had also mirrored our concerns.

We embarked on an intensive program to help Darius improve and modify his behavior. Throughout the one and a half years of therapy our son received, we were empowered with specific skills and techniques that helped us to manage and positively modify his behavior.  We were also trained to use alternative and complementary methods to help our son communicate better.

Our son was later diagnosed with bilateral profound hearing loss, and after surgery to restore his hearing, we continue to use these methods today.

Darius is now 6 years old and thriving in a mainstream preschool.

The flexible and individualized plan created for our son was successful in addressing his challenges. Liyuan’s commitment and presence in the therapeutic process are greatly appreciated! =)


Psychology Lecturer

Age of child when intervention started is 3

Length of Intervention is 2year

Even without formal diagnosis, we had started to suspect that our son was on the Autistic spectrum when  we received feedback from his kindergarten teachers that he had a very short attention span, was slow in following instructions and rarely played with other kids. With a friend’s reference, we called up Liyuan and worked out a shadowing plan where he led a team of therapists who attended my son’s school sessions to observe and provide intervention so as to improve his class compliance, participation and peer interaction.

My son was immediately engaged with Liyuan during the first home observation session and quickly built rapport with him within the first week of shadowing service. In a short span of 3 months after engaging Liyuan’s service, we saw huge improvements in my son’s school behavior and participation.  We received very positive feedback from the kindergarten teachers about my son’s progress, which we attributed to Liyuan’s skillful interventions and professionalism. Liyuan spared no effort in giving us advice and troubleshooting any behavioral issues we faced, even out of the session hours. The teaching techniques he shared with us were very practical and useful for home implementation. We are very pleased with the attention and understanding shown to my son by Liyuan, and look forward to seeing my son make further improvement.


Age of child when intervention started is 3

Length of Intervention is 1 years

When we were first seeking professional for our son, we were naturally anxious and very lost. We are very thankful however to have found Liyuan who’d became more than our case manager, our therapist but also a friend to our family. Liyuan was able to build rapport with our son Chris from the very first session. Through the course of Chris’s therapy, he would constantly devise new ideas to engage Chris in a fun and loving way. Though he was assertive and firm, every therapy session that Chris had with him was always filled with laughter.  To Liyuan, each child is more than a client but a tiny human whom he sincerely cared for. He was a very perceptive therapist who took time to understand our son’s personality and interests and incorporated them carefully into his therapy programme. He took initiative to be kept updated with Chris’s speech and occupational therapies’ development just to have a holistic understanding of his progress. For that, we are grateful. Liyuan often went an extra mile to lend a listening ear and offered practical advice to allay our concerns. Though candid with us with Chris’s progress, he was also reassuring at the same time. His constant encouragement was invaluable to our family through the journey of therapy. Under Liyuan’s patient guidance, our son improved by leaps and bounds and was discharged from home therapy just after 7 months.  Even then, Liyuan took time to plan Chris’s next phase of therapy with us and provided Chris with the necessary support in school. We will always be thankful to have Liyuan as our case manager.


Esther Choong (Mrs)

Age of child when intervention started is 3

Length of Intervention is 1 year


I have been working with Autism STEP for the last 4 years. They provide shadowing for some of the children in my school. All of the case managers and therapists are very professional and we have seen remarkable improvement in these children. Liyuan has also personally conducted a teachers’ training for us to equip us with skills to help children that has behavioral issues. On top of that, Liyuan is also very approachable and each time any teachers have any question regarding Autism, he will be more than willing to take time and answer all our questions.

Zani (Mrs)

Principal of MindChamps PreSchool

Length of Working with Autism STEP is 4 years

At one and a half years of age, our daughter had poor eye contact and short attention span. We were advised by our PD to seek early intervention treatment for suspected autism. Engaging the services of AutismStep was the right decision my husband and I have made. In less than 6 months, we saw marked improvement in our daughter’s condition through their ABA therapy. She now has strong eye contact and is highly engaged. We are now putting her on speech therapy which also saw improvement in her communication skills in less than 3 lessons. She looks forward to all her therapy sessions and has built a great rapport with her teachers. Many thanks to AutismSTEP for our daughter’s remarkable improvement!

Mrs Yap

Age of child when intervention started is 1.5

Length of Intervention is 6 months

My 8 year old ASD Son’s behaviour has improved a lot with the therapy sessions done by Autism STEP’s Case Manager and Therapist. Both are dedicated therapist. They are very patient and caring towards my son. My son always looks forward to have the sessions with the them.
The report written after each session is also very useful. I will be able to read what was done during each session and try to reinforce the skills taught on my own.  I will also be able to write down my own observations of any behaviour I’m concerned about and the therapist will try and deal with it during the next session.
The improvement in my son’s behaviour is also observed by the Teachers in school. They were actually very pleased that my Son can achieve all the IEP goals set for him in a short time of about 3 school Terms. And now all his Teachers are confident that my Son will be able to do more academically.



Age of child when intervention started is 8

Length of Intervention is 9 months