Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Communication is considered one of the most important human skills, but Children with Autism face special challenges because of their learning styles and sensory preferences, which makes interaction and communication difficulties.


Hanen More than Words Program

This program from Speech Therapy Centre in Singapore is designed specifically for parents of children with autism to show them how they can use their child’s unique strengths and preferences to build their communication skills.


Benefits of Hanen program:

  • Based on extensive research
  • Teach parents to use specific strategies to change the child’s everyday routines and activities into opportunities for communication learning.
  • Improved understanding and using of language
  • Improved pragmatic skills, e.g. eye contacts, turn taking, greetings
  • Improved social interaction with other children and adults during play activities
  • Skills acquired have been shown to generalize to situations outside therapy sessions.


Articulation therapy

An articulation disorder involves problems making sounds. Children with Autism might make speech errors for instance, making a ‘w’ sound for a ‘r’ sound (e.g. “wabbit” for “rabbit”) or leave sounds out of words, such as “nana” for “banana”. These Childs may have an articulation disorder if these errors continue past the expected age. Articulation therapy will help the child to improve on the child’s articulation and thus having better clarity of speech.


Benefits of our Articulation program:

  • Learning how to produce the sound correctly
  • Learning to recognize which sounds are correct and incorrect
  • Practicing sounds in different words.
  • Practicing bi-syllabic words e.g. “bubbles” and multi-syllablic words e.g. “elephant”


At Autism Step, we provide a holistic approach where our ABA Therapy and Speech Therapy are integrated; therefore setting a program that will produce the best improvement for our children.