School Program

School is never an easy place for our children. Below are the 3 main reasons:
  • Environment – Noise, crowds, novelty, transition
  • Poor Communication – Instructions not understood and frustration stemming from difficulties in expressing themselves
  • ASD Behaviours – They are usually easily distracted by their stimulatory behaviors and obsessions


Why do we put our kids into school?


  • To create the opportunity to learn social skills and accepted forms of behavior in a real-world setting
  • To give them the chance to put into practice skills learnt in therapy, to the real world
  • To teach them to socialize and to give the child the opportunity to develop relationships
  • To learn routines, norms and community expectations
  • To have the adequate academic and social skills to facilitate integration into the community in the future
Why do we NOT put them in school?


  • Negative behaviors might be reinforced
  • Raised levels of stress due to fear of failure
  • Learning will fail if it lacks structure
  • Poor language skills may lead to isolation
  • The possibility of peer hostility. Bullying may lead to withdrawal, regression and ultimately, aggression ( no aggression is correct)
  • Different styles of teaching between mainstream techniques found in schools and the ABA approach


Shadowing helps to make school a friendlier place for your child. With supervision and support, we avoid setting the child up for something that he may not be ready for. We also provide task breakdowns to allow the child to learn in a less stressful environment.

Deciding to place your vulnerable child into a mainstream school might be a daunting choice to make. At AutismSTEP, we have helped countless parents ease their fears by systematically tackling the potential problems, while enhancing the effects of the benefits reaped by the child.