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Happenings & UpdatesSocial and School Readiness Class


Starting their school life in the unfamiliar environment of a mainstream school can be a traumatic experience for a child with autism. A sudden break in their normal routine, a barrage of new rules and a sea of strange new faces can lead to a world of trouble and embarrassment for an unprepared child.   […]

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Happenings & UpdatesA Christmas Card from Eton


Eton, a 8 year old child that is under our care, surprises us with a Christmas card for our Programme Manager, Mr Zhang Liyuan. We still remember when we first met him few years ago where he won’t sit on the chair, unable to match and communicate, has many sensory issues and refuses to hold […]

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Happenings & UpdatesSenior Clinical Psychologist of IMH endorses Autism STEP


Mr Gifford Chan is a Clinical Psychologist whose experience spans many years and across various demographics. Having obtained his Masters in Clinical Psychology in the National University of Singapore, he first worked as a Senior Clinical Psychologist in the Institute of Mental Health. After which, he went on to become the Principal Psychologist at Thomson […]

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Happenings & UpdatesTestimonial – Zalina

“My 8 year old ASD Son’s behaviour has improved a lot with the therapy sessions done by Autism STEP’s Case Manager and Therapist. Both are dedicated therapist. They are very patient and caring towards my Son. My Son always looks forward to have the sessions with the them. The report written after each session is […]

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Happenings & UpdatesAutism STEP Video

Check out our new video! It will give you a better understanding about: Who are we? What do we do? How can we help your child? Our credentials We are a team of highly trained and experienced therapists who specialize in working with children with Autism. Our goal is to enable these children to assimilate […]

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Happenings & UpdatesAutism STEP on GetDoc


Consultation with our Programme Manager can now be booked through GetDoc (downloadable from Playstore and App Store)

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Happenings & UpdatesStaff with autism can offer employers rare skills


Three young men are in a small office in the City of London, listening to a coach talk about dealing with stress. These are not burnt-out lawyers or bankers, but wannabe tech contractors. Their autism and coding skills have brought them to the new London offices of Auticon, a German consultancy that specialises in placing […]

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Happenings & UpdatesBreaking fast video inspires community spirit


This year’s Hari Raya Puasa will be a special one for Madam Jurina Johari and her family. From as early as 9am on Sunday, their one-room rental flat in Sembawang was inundated with well-wishers offering help and donations. This was due to a video The New Paper posted to its Facebook page on Saturday night. […]

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Happenings & UpdatesCould umbilical cord blood provide hope for children with autism?


SINGAPORE — A new treatment using cord blood stem cells to treat autism could offer hope to families of children living with the neuro-developmental disorder, which currently has no known cure. Run by the Sutter Institute of Medical Research in the United States, the US Food and Drug Administration-approved clinical trial explored the use of […]

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Happenings & UpdatesIt Changed My Life: She lost everything but finds new meaning in helping others


Ms Aneez Fathima is momentarily stumped when she cannot remember the name of the college where her late husband graduated with a degree in computer science. “I’m starting to forget him,” she says, her eyes turning teary. “For seven years, I couldn’t forget him. My counsellors and friends have been telling me to bury him […]

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